Our Mission


Our MISSION at Granada Hills Charter (ebet真人) creates student-centered environments to develop academic curiosity, practical skills, and positive attitudes that enable successful, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.


Our VISION is to ensure that students acquire seminal knowledge and exercise key habits of mind and essential skills leading to graduation, and in preparation for college and the 21st century workforce.


Our VALUES are School Learning Outcomes (SLOs) ensuring every graduating student will be an effective communicator, information manager, problem solver, productive society member and lifelong learner.

School Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • An Effective Communicator able to read, write, converse and listen for a variety of purposes

  • An Information Manager able to locate, access, organize, evaluate and apply information in a complex and technological world

  • A Problem Solver able to apply a variety of thinking, creative and computing skills to produce solutions for practical and theoretical problems

  • A Productive Member of Society able to demonstrate healthy, responsible behavior to work collaboratively and respectfully in a global community

  • A Lifelong Learner able to set goals, develop a realistic strategy to achieve those goals and apply critical thinking skills to adapt in a rapidly changing environment

Preparing Students for a 21st Century Workforce and Life